Explore Your Mind

Here are some scientific facts to get those neural signals flowing…

Fetus Connecting in the Womb

Touch is the first sense to develop. The fetus responds to touch of the developing lips and cheeks by 8 weeks.

The sense of taste may develop by 12 weeks and sound at 22-24 weeks.

Your unique fingerprint pattern resulted from environmental factors in the womb which influenced the genes. More about a developing fetus.


Human Brain

The fate of the brain is followed through life – it constantly changes as a result of experience to provide the essence of an unique individual.

The average adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds.

Your brain uses 20% of the total oxygen and blood in your body.


Happy Memories

It is believed that memories are formed when existing neurons connect and strengthen.

Short-term memory can retain information for only 20 to 30 seconds.

Making a memory is not a conscious act. Look into your mind and unlock a happy memory. Revive the colours, the smells, the textures…


Left And Right Hemisphere digital art
Left and Right Hemisphere

The brain is divided into 2 hemispheres.

The left side of the brain is logical and analytical – it stores information in a linear, precise manner like facts and figures.

The right side of the brain is creative and intuitive – it stores information in a circular manner like dreams.


Brain Development

A fetus early in its development has a very smooth little brain.

Before birth, a babies brain cells multiply at an astonishing rate.

At birth the brain is unfinished, it contains approximately 100 billion brain cells that are perfectly designed for making connections.


dna structure
DNA Structure

DNA contains the genetic information that allows all modern living things to function, grow and reproduce.

The DNA is organised into structures called chromosomes and has a total of 46 chromosomes.

Males and females have 22 matching pairs plus 1 pair of sex chromosomes. XX are female chromosomes and XY are male chromosomes.

Levels Of Consciousness.