About The Aesthete

The Aesthete (artist name Fuzzworks UK) appreciates the beauty of nature and likes to delve deeper into science, philosophy, and psychology.

The digital art on this website was created while being depressed / sad… it is known that geniuses use the same emotions as someone with a mental disorder, and people who suffer from bipolar/depression/dyslexia tend to be highly creative – creativity progressively took away the sadness of my reality.

“Viewing art activates neurons in the brain’s reward circuit“.

The mind exhibition is formulated on our existence, how we evolve… such as memories, thoughts and the different levels of consciousness or rather how we perceive these states of consciousness.

The combination of these elements are a great way to comprehend the mysteries of the mind but due to the limitations of our being it’s something we won’t fully resolve. We can only philosophise all that we know and understand from both the external and internal world.

Even though there have been great philosophers such as Sigmund Freud who suggested the three structural model of the psyche; Id, Ego and Super-ego. There were also others who had their theoretical views on this but evidently this was how they understood and believed consciousness was composted.

However, consciousness, despite the advances of science, is still a great mystery to human knowledge…

By Farzana Irani (real name) – Find out how I got all creative in the 1990s…


The Human Mind Project

“The human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing 21st-century science…” – the Human Mind Project has risen to the challenge.